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Baking has always been my passion! Whether it was inundating my family with corn muffins, making and remaking different chocolate cream pie recipes until I got it just right, or being the go-to person for holiday desserts, the kitchen is always where I've been the happiest.

In 2008 I decided to turn my favorite hobby into a career and attended the Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy for Baking and Pastry. Since then I have worked in bakeries, restaurants, catering companies and more, honing my skills. I'm so excited to be taking the next step and creating  a business of my very own. I hope you enjoy eating the treats I prepare as much as I love making them! Bon Apetit!


Why the name Anouchka? Nicknames have always been a way that my family expresses affection for each other, and Anouchka is the special term of endearment my dad has always used for me. Passing that nickname onto my bakery is a way to honor my wonderful parents, and at the same time share the love I feel for this baby of mine.

What do you offer? I make weekly deliveries every Friday of a rotating menu of cookies, scones and bars. Additionally, I offer custom cake, wedding cake and specialty item orders. 

What sort of ingredients do you use? As much as possible I try and use organic ingredients.

Where are you located? While I don't have a storefront you can visit; I rent commercial kitchen space and hand-deliver goodies throughout Santa Cruz County, CA.

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