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Do you need something that you don't see on the weekly menu? Don't worry I do special orders too! From wedding cakes to big cookie orders, artisan bread to children's birthday cakes, I am here to help make your pastry dreams come true.

Included in the price of your order is delivery on the day of your choosing in Santa Cruz County.


With a wide range of flavors and sizes, we can make you the perfect cake for any occasion.

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All cakes are round except the 1/4 sheet. (we can also accommodate larger cakes)

Included in the price are 3 layers of cake, 2 layers of filling and a simple frosting, writing and delivery.

More elaborate designs and flavor combos are available with an additional fee. 


  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • Carrot

  • Poppyseed

  • Pistachio*

  • Coconut

  • Almond (Flourless)*

Also available:

Flourless chocolate cake: A single layer fudge cake without frosting or filling. Only available in 9" for $40.

*these flavors have an extra fee due to more expensive ingredients


  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Jam/marmalade

  • Buttercream

    • Chocolate

    • Vanilla

    • Raspberry

    • Mocha

    • Peanut Butter

    • Lemon

    • Praline (chocolate hazelnut)*

*these flavors have an extra fee due to more expensive ingredients


  • Whipped Cream

    • Vanilla

    • Chocolate

    • Raspberry

    • Mocha

    • Peanut Butter

    • Lemon

    • Praline (chocolate Hazelnut)*

  • Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Coconut Cream Frosting

Want something that isn't listed here? Just ask!

*these flavors have an extra fee due to more expensive ingredients


Get the perfect cake to celebrate your big day.

Can I order something other than Cake?
  • Of course! Some people prefer cupcakes, mini cupcakes or even cookies or pie to celebrate their special occasion. The day is about you so order whatever will make you most happy.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the process of ordering a Wedding Cake?
  • Contact Anna (owner and baker) by phone or email to let her know you are interested and what your wedding date is.

  • If that date is available then we will set up a consultation, either in person or on the phone to discuss the particulars like flavors, number of guests, design, price, etc. Come with all your ideas!

  • The consultation is free, and if you choose to order a wedding cake from us we require a $50 deposit to secure your date. (This will go to the price of your cake)

  • After the consultation if you would like to set up a tasting we can arrange for you to try 2-3 flavors for a $20 fee.

  • A  month before the wedding we will check back in to finalize details and payment.

What flavors do you have available?
  • Check out the list of cake and frosting flavors we have available under custom cakes.

  • For a wedding cake we recommend Buttercream frosting as that holds up best out of the fridge for the duration of your ceremony/reception.

  • If you have a particular flavor you would like but don't see listed just ask! We do our best to accommodate requests.

What sizes do you make?
  • We can accommodate whatever size you need to serve all your guests. Check out our chart below for some size suggestions. 

How much will it cost?
  • The cost of your cake will depend on the flavors and complexity of your design.

  • Check out the chart below for our base prices. (the cost of your design will be calculated by the time it requires, and added to the base price)

  • Services like delivery and rental of stands have additional fees which will be discussed during your consultation.

What is included in the price?
  • We work to make all our pricing very transparent, any service that has an addition fee (such as delivery or stand rental) will be stated clearly to you. You will not be charged for anything you haven't agreed to.

  • As a special gift, the price of your cake includes a 1 year anniversary cake for 2 (4") of the same flavor to help you celebrate the sweetness of your first year of marriage. 

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